Feature Article - June 2009
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A Look at Trends in Health, Fitness & Sports Clubs

When it comes to adding programs at their facilities, health club respondents express a desire to keep things interesting and innovative to both inspire existing members, as well as motivate new members to join. The top programs planned for addition in the next three years include:

  1. Nutrition/diet counseling
  2. Active older adult programs
  3. Personal training
  4. Teen programs
  5. Fitness programs
  6. Education
  7. Mind-body/balance
  8. Sport training, such as tennis or golf lessons
  9. Individual sports activities like running clubs

More specifically, Goudeseuene at ACE said they are seeing a greater emphasis on functional fitness and training, with kettlebells experiencing a surge. "We are also seeing more fusion-type classes that mix non-traditional workouts, like martial arts and ballet, with a typical cardio class," he added. "People are always looking for new ways to stay engaged and beat the boredom of repetitive exercise, and fusion-style classes present an alternative to traditional classes." He also said that boot-camp-style workouts continue to be popular.

"Lastly, something on the other side of the spectrum we're seeing is a 'back to basics' approach," Goudeseune said. "With exercises and equipment getting too advanced and confusing for the average exerciser, we will definitely see more trainers focusing on basic movements and techniques with their clients, which we may have lost focus on in previous years. We are seeing a return to building the fundamentals of good posture and correct movement before advancing clients to today's trendy equipment or classes."