Feature Article - June 2009
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A Look at Trends in Camps & Campgrounds

At the same time, camps are close to the average in their expectations for revenues in 2008. While 45.1 percent of all respondents said they expect their revenues to increase in 2008 over 2007, 45.5 percent of camps responded this way. In 2009 and 2010, camps are more positive than the average respondent. While 38.1 percent of all respondents expect a revenue increase in 2009 and 41 percent expect it in 2010, 46 percent of camps expect to see their revenues rise in 2009, and a full 61.2 percent of camps expect an increase in 2010. (See Figure 55.)

Like all respondents, camps respondents are expecting to see a drop in their operating expenditures in fiscal 2009, though the expenditures they report for this year are still higher than reported for fiscal 2007 according to last year's respondents. While last year's respondents reported average operating expenditures of $835,000 for fiscal 2007, this year's respondents reported an average budget of $960,000 for fiscal 2008, an increase of 15 percent. They then expect a drop of 8.6 percent in fiscal 2009 to $877,000, before their budgets begin to recover again in fiscal 2010. From 2008 to 2010, camps respondents expect an average decrease of 3.4 percent in their annual operating expenditures, better than the 9.3 percent drop expected among all facility types.