Feature Article - July 2009
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Dollars and Sense

Our 2009 Salary Survey of the Managed Recreation, Sports & Fitness Industry

By Emily Tipping

While responsibility levels were up, job satisfaction also saw a jump this year. This could again be reflecting the increasing sense among employed professionals that they're lucky to be where they are. Last year, 31.9 percent of respondents reported that they were very satisfied with their jobs, while 45.7 percent were satisfied. This year, 37.1 percent report feeling very satisfied, while 55.3 percent report they are satisfied. (See Figure 17.)

Respondents from health clubs were by far the most satisfied with their current position. 44 percent said they were very satisfied. Those at YMCAs were most likely to report dissatisfaction, though only 12.9 percent indicated they were not satisfied.

Your Two Cents

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