Problem Solver - August 2009
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Adding Restrooms Quickly & Easily

You might think that if you decide to add restrooms to your site, you're going to have a long wait between now and the day when your patrons thank you for giving them a place to "go." But in reality, the wait need not be so long. If you find a reliable supplier of premanufactured concrete restroom structures, you can provide your patrons with an aesthetically pleasing restroom that fits in with your site in no time.

Q: Our patrons are clamoring for a better restroom solution at our site. How can we give them what they want with the least amount of hassle?

A: A premanufactured vault restroom structure may be the simplest solution to your problem. Delivered to your site ready to install, these structures require minimal work on your end. You won't need to worry about waiting for a design to be completed. All you'll need to do to get ready is some minimal site preparation, including excavation for the vault.

Find a reliable manufacturer that promises on-time delivery and same-day installation. You also might want to consider using factory-trained installers, to ensure your restroom structure is installed properly.

When you go with a structure of high-strength precast concrete, you'll know you've got a restroom that can withstand any condition the elements—or your patrons—will subject it to.

Q: We're concerned that if we go with a vault restroom, patrons will complain about the smell.

A: Vault restrooms do not need to be smelly. Some manufacturers have devoted plenty of research and time into engineering solutions that provide a more aesthetically pleasing solution, not only to the eye, but to the nose as well.

Modern technology might include a vent pipe located on the back side of the building, which should face south. This allows the sun to heat the pipe, creating a continual flow of air through the vents located near the building's floor. The air flows down the riser, through the vault and up out of the vent pipe. That means the vault air is vented through the pipe, not the building.

You'll still need to ensure the vault is cleaned out occasionally. But with the newer technology, your patrons won't notice the odor, whether the vault has been freshly cleaned out, or if it's been in use for some time.

Q: We want a building that includes plumbing and electrical. Is there a way we can get this just as quickly as a vault restroom?

A: Whether you want to provide your patrons with a place to shower, or you just want to include flush facilities, there are premanufactured concrete restroom structures available to suit your needs. Economical flush facilities are available with a small footprint but strong construction to suit your site. They come complete with all plumbing and electrical ready to connect to your site.

Just like the vault restrooms, flush and shower facilities can be delivered ready to use, and can be installed in hours—not the weeks you might expect. There is no need for a poured foundation. The premanufactured facility is simple placed over utility stubs on a gravel pad. Once the structure is installed and the utility connections are made, the restroom will be ready for use.

Q: We'd like a quick solution to adding restrooms at our site, but we also want facilities that fit in with the look of our other park structures. How can we get a customized look for our restrooms?

A: There's good news on this front as well. You might think that premanufactured concrete restrooms would be based on a cookie-cutter design, but there are actually plenty of designs, textures and colors available to help you match the look of your site. For example, you can find vault restrooms designed with the unique textures and steep roof pitches that are associated with the unique CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) buildings of the Depression era.

You can also find a range of customizable features that will make your restrooms more functional for you, including storage spaces, concession areas and shower facilities.

Be sure to look for a structure that meets your site's needs. You'll want something that meets ADA requirements. You'll also want to be sure it can handle the unique conditions of your site, such as heavy winds, the possibility of hurricanes and earthquakes, or deep snows.

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