Feature Article - November 2009
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Scoreboard Showdowns

The Latest & Greatest Is All Part of the Game

By Dawn Klingensmith

Scoreboard Selection Criteria

APPEARANCE: Scoreboards are turned off most of the time, so they should look attractive when they're not lit up.

DURABILITY: For impact and weather resistance, casing should be made of rugged materials such as aluminum with a powder-coated or baked-on enamel finish. LED digits should perhaps have protective coverings to protect against stray balls.

MAINTENANCE: Although the initial purchase price of a scoreboard may seem low, the cost of maintenance, service and upkeep over its lifespan needs to be determined to arrive at its actual cost.

WATER RESISTANCE: Outdoor scoreboards must withstand wind and wetness, so sturdy, rustproof cabinet construction with a durable finish is required. Built-in speakers also must be weather-resistant.

BRIGHTNESS: Consider how direct sunlight for an outdoor scoreboard or ambient lighting for an indoor board might affect the crispness of LED digits and/or video presentations.

READABILITY: A rule of thumb for numeral height is 1 inch for every 40 to 50 feet of viewing distance.

CONTROL OPTIONS: Easy-to-use, handheld remote controls are a good option for little leagues and parks and recreation programs.

WARRANTY: Find out what type of warranty is offered and whether the manufacturer's service department will continue to offer consultation after the warranty period expires. Lamps, cables and switches may not be covered by the warranty.