Feature Article - April 2010
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From The Ground Up

What You Need to Know to Get Climbing Done Right

By Matthew M.F. Miller

Where Else?

In addition to climbing walls that act as the grand, eye-catching centerpiece of the facilities that host them, there are other choices. In other words, if your facility is already built, you still have options.

Consider these other places where you can add a bit of climbing:

  • The Playground: Many playground manufacturers and climbing wall companies also make boulders that are appropriate for use on the playground. Kids can't resist climbing, so why not give them a chance?
  • Poolside: One company builds climbing walls meant to be installed by the pool. Once climbers reach the top, they can fall back into the water.
  • Racquetball Courts: Are your courts sitting unused? You may be able to convert them to climbing space. Talk with climbing wall companies to find out if this is a possibility for your space.
  • The Gymnasium: Some climbing wall companies manufacture modular systems that can be installed along a gymnasium wall. This is a great option for schools looking to diversify their physical education program.
  • Anywhere: If you don't have the space for a full wall, consider one of the treadmill-like rotating walls. They offer climbing without taking up much additional space in your facility.