Feature Article - June 2010
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A Look at Regional Trends

Facility Construction

When it comes to construction plans, respondents from the Northeast and South Atlantic states were most likely to have plans on the board. In both regions, more than two-thirds (66.9 percent in the Northeast and 66.8 percent in the South Atlantic) said they had such plans. Respondents from the West were least likely to be planning to build within the next three years, though more than half (54.9 percent) of these respondents said they did have plans. (See Figure 33.)

Respondents in the South Central states were the most likely to be planning new facilities. In that region, 30.6 percent of respondents had plans for new facilities. Additions and renovations were most commonly planned by those in the Northeast. In that region, 31.4 percent of respondents were planning additions, and 47.8 percent were planning renovations.