Feature Article - July 2010
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A Cut Above

Scoreboard Innovations Becoming More Visual, Motivational

By Deborah L. Vence

LED Technology

From a technical aspect, typical scoreboards use LED (light emitting diode) technology, which is considered to be the scoreboard industry standard because of its low-maintenance requirement and energy-saving characteristics.

In fact, some companies are on the verge of manufacturing new software packages that are more user-friendly using LED technology.

"The single biggest advance relates to our ability to integrate LED boards right in the scoreboard," Allain said.

"The decreasing price of actual LED lamps is allowing us to add TV-like screens to boards of nearly any size and complexity. That means that any school or organization now has the ability to add big league type displays to their systems. Also, with the addition of a camera or two, budding show producers can now create a game-day experience for their school or organization," he said.

The second biggest advance relates directly to the first, Allain said.

"Software used to display scores and video is becoming much more user-friendly and feature-rich," he said, adding that his firm and its subsidiary soon will be unveiling a new software package designed to provide a rich visual and audio event without the need for expensive and complicated equipment or training.

"We want our scoreboards to be used to provide an exceptional experience for the players and fans," Allain said.

Westerman added that while large professional venues use large-screen video display LED boards, a similar trend is happening at high schools and parks and recreation facilities.

"In high school and at the small college level, they are taking an LED advertising display and during game time or during the play they are putting clocked scores, scoreboard data onto that advertising display and still during time-outs before or after the game, they are still able to use that display—getting double duty out of it," he said.