Problem Solver - August 2010
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Improving Your Locker Rooms


our locker rooms are not at the forefront of your facility, but if you ignore the comfort and cleanliness of these critical spaces, your patrons will notice. Wet floors, mildew smells, messy areas and rusty lockers will not make a good impression.

Q: How can I ensure my locker room is comfortable and clean for patrons?

A: The first thing you need to do is establish a regular schedule for staff members. Someone should be visiting the locker room regularly to check for problems and messes. Keep a checklist near the door, so the staff member doesn't forget any important step. They should pick up trash, stock the restrooms and any toiletry items you provide, and look out for wet floors and other problems that might need immediate attention. In addition to keeping your locker room clean, regular staff visits will help prevent problem behaviors like theft and vandalism.

If you want to prevent wet floors from becoming a problem, consider installing a swimsuit water extractor. These machines install easily and can remove up to 95 percent of a swimsuit's moisture in just 10 seconds. When patrons change after swimming, they often leave their wet suits dripping over the back of a locker door. The water ends up on the floor, where it can create a dangerous situation for patrons, who might slip and fall.

Q: Are there amenities we can include in our locker room that will give it a higher-end feel?

A: You might think you need to break the bank to provide a luxurious-feeling locker room, but that's not the case. Consider installing lockers made of plastic or wood laminate, rather than metal. Also, you can provide toiletries and other needed items at a relatively low cost.

Amenities that make things easier on your members will also be appreciated. A swimsuit water extractor not only helps you keep floors dry and locker areas tidy, your patrons will also thank you for providing a way to dry their suits to bring home. No one wants to stuff a still-wet swimsuit in their gym bag.


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