Problem Solver - August 2010
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Saving Resources While Ensuring a Safer Pool


aintaining water quality and protecting swimmers from waterborne illnesses like cryptosporidium are top jobs for aquatics staffs. But with recent budget crunches, your resources may be stretched to the limit. You need to find ways to save money and other resources at your pool, but you can't do it at the expense of patrons' health.

Q: How can we help prevent RWIs at our facility? Is there equipment that can do a better job than what we're using now?

A: With growing concerns about waterborne illnesses, you want your filter to remove smaller particles. An automatic regenerative media filter (RMF) can remove particles down to 1 micron. The media used in the filter was also shown by a University of North Carolina study to outperform cartridge and sand filtration by a wide margin, and resulted in crypto removal of 99.9 percent.

RMF filters are particularly effective in pools with heavy bather loads, and can also slow down the increase in turbidity, or cloudiness of the water. The clearer your pool's water, the more likely lifeguards will see problems before they become deadly.

Q: We need to keep a close eye on water quality, but we also would like to find a solution that can save resources and money. Any suggestions?

A: An RMF filter can save a tremendous amount of water and other resources. Instead of reverse flushing, as with a sand filter, an RMF filter discharges spent media directly to waste and is recharged from time to time. This eliminates the large amount of backwash water associated with sand filters. For a typical indoor waterpark attraction with a 2,000 gpm circulation rate, that represents a savings of 2.2 million gallons of water in a year.

On top of the water savings, you can add in savings related to sewer expenses, chemicals, heating, power and labor. The improved water quality you get with an RMF filter as it removes finer particles will save chemicals as well. And the more attractions and water you have at your facility, the more savings you'll enjoy.

RMF filters also will save space in your filter room. They take up only about a quarter of the space required by a conventional sand filter. On top of this, the RMF technology will virtually eliminate the cost associated with large backwash holding tanks and other discharge infrastructure.


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