Problem Solver - August 2010
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Enhancing Your Site With Shade Structures


hile protecting people from too much sun exposure is a great reason for adding shade structures to your sites, it is not the only one. Yes, more people are aware of the dangers of sun exposure as a leading cause of skin cancer, and your patrons will surely thank you if you provide a place for them to get out of the heat and glare.

But in addition to protecting them from the sun, shade structures can enhance your site. Available in many colors and designs, they can create a unique aesthetic at your site. Some shade structures look almost sculptural, and your community will benefit from their beauty.

Q: We'd like a shade solution that is aesthetically pleasing and gives our community a unique look. What should we be looking for?

A: Fabric shelters and canopies are available in a wide range of colors and shapes, giving you plenty of options to enhance the look of your community. In addition to providing shade and a cool place to get out of the sun, the fabric polyethylene canopies can block up to 99 percent of UV rays. They are permeable, which means air can pass through, keeping the area under the canopy from getting too hot, as can happen beneath a hard structure, or under canvas or vinyl, which are less breathable.

Talk with your manufacturer about customizing a look for your site, and you'll find that your new shade structures naturally draw the eye with their beauty and dramatic lines.

Q: We have a vibrant downtown with plenty of nightlife. We'd like our shade structures to be a focal point in this area. What can we do?

A: Take the lead from other communities, which have combined shade structures with innovative lighting solutions to create a beautiful nighttime scene.

Q: We're concerned that the canopies might be damaged in a storm. How can we protect our investment?

A: In addition to providing a beautiful backdrop, you'll be glad to find that your canopies can be easily removed when the weather turns bad. Some canopies are so simple a single person can quickly and easily attach or remove the canopy. This is extremely helpful when bad weather hits. It's also a benefit for facilities that want to remove and store their canopies at the end of the summer.


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