Problem Solver - August 2010
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Saving Resources on Park Restrooms


hese days many parks and recreation facilities are under budget pressure, which may make it difficult to add restrooms to a site. The good news is that you can go beyond the standard (and smelly) port-a-potty and still have a restroom that uses few resources and takes little maintenance.

Q: We'd like to add restrooms to our site, but do not have electrical or water service. Is there something we can use that's more pleasant than a port-a-potty?

A: Manufacturers have come up with many different restroom solutions. If your site doesn't have power or running water, you should look into a waterless vault evaporator system. These systems reduce vault waste naturally, and require no running water. In addition, the units are available with solar power to run lights and the ventilator that keeps the whole thing smelling fresh.

With many customized looks available, you'll easily find something that fits right into your site, with materials and finishes that can closely match the surrounding area.

Q: What do we need to know about maintaining such a restroom facility?

A: Depending on the number of visitors using your facilities, you may want to schedule a maintenance worker to regularly check in. While there, they can clean up, check on toilet paper and other necessities, and also check for odors.

Even better, when you go with a vault evaporator, you will reduce the number of pump-outs your facility requires, depending on usage. Your facility will also stay odor-free due to a ventilation system that keeps air flowing through the evaporation system.

Q: Are there other ways we can save energy and resources?

A: You'll already be saving gallons of water when you go with a facility that does not use flush toilets. But on top of that, you may be able to take advantage of solar-powered ventilation and lights, reducing the power needed to keep the facility in working order.

In addition, you can find facilities that use recycled or recyclable materials, further reducing your impact on the environment.


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