Before You Go - November 2010
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Before You Go…

Extreme Makeover: Fitness Edition

By Deborah L. Vence

With nearly 1 million members to attend to across the globe, Anytime Fitness clubs are receiving an extreme makeover to enhance the workout experience.

Hastings, Minn.-based Anytime Fitness LLC, considered one of the world's largest co-ed fitness chains, wanted to make over the appearance of its clubs, and hired Fabiano Designs, a full-service architectural and interior design firm based in Montclair, N.J., to give its fitness centers a new look and feel.

"Essentially, Anytime Fitness approached us to help them rebrand their look. They wanted to bring consistency back to the brand, and elevate the aesthetic product they're putting out," said Rudy Fabiano, CEO and design director of Fabiano Designs.

The issue was that Anytime Fitness clubs lacked a well-defined appearance, overall, while the colors on the walls needed more style and substance.

"One of the things we believe is that branding is global. So, we developed three designs [for Anytime Fitness] that could be implemented around the world. Each design is meant to be different," Fabiano explained. "The overall goal is to elevate member experience, so when [members] do go in, there is consistency and high-design aspects. It's a medium-priced club, offering high-end amenities in a small space."

The club's redesign includes three distinct schemes:

  • Earth: Color and tone derived from natural texture and light, evoking feelings of equanimity or calmness.
  • Fusion: Simple, stylish, and sophisticated with a modern palette that creates subtle emotion. The tone of colors tends to be more cool tones, cool blues. Purple provides more emotional content.
  • Classic: A new take on the gyms of the past. Large color areas with dramatic contrast to provide energy. Meant to be retro, and derived from the classic gyms, more contrasting and energetic, more fun. Much more vibrant and energetic.
In addition, three walls now are required in each club:
  • Inspiration Wall: A chalkboard paint or dry erase wall to be used by members in defining goals and noting achievements. The wall is located near the guest lobby.
  • Logo Wall: Displays the "Anytime Fitness" logo and a shelving unit for retail sales, and is visible from the entrance. Cultured stone can be chosen as an upgrade as well.
  • Graphic Wall: Facing the workout area, the wall displays graphics and features member information.

While the clubs' renovations are being complemented by softer and more natural tones, the center's traditional purple color will be maintained throughout all of the clubs as well.

"It's part of the language of the fitness center's brand. You want to honor that. Purple is a passion color. We like evoking emotion in our clubs," Fabiano said.