Feature Article - March 2011
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Fit To Be Tried

Top Trends in Fitness Programming

By Deborah L. Vence

Personal Training/Corporate Wellness

Personal training and corporate wellness programs remain popular trends in fitness programming as well. Corporations are continuing their efforts to provide wellness programs for their employees.

Thompson said that "For companies and corporations, it all boils down to economics. It's so expensive to treat any disease and lifestyle diseases, corporations are looking at the benefits of regular exercise. Incorporating it into the work day, but providing opportunities. The benefit might be a significant discount at a commercial club."

For example, consumer products giants Johnson & Johnson and Coca-Cola Co., as well as restaurant chain Chick-fil-A, have made an investment to provide health clubs in their corporate facilities where employees can exercise.

Corporate wellness programs, according to fitness program surveys, will emerge countrywide to help encourage a healthier lifestyle among workers, especially time-crunched consumers.

"Health care costs rise and cut into corporate profits. Wellness programs keep people healthy. The data that's coming in [show that] wellness programs work," McCall said. "[With programs for] smoking cessation, nutrition, physical activity, you improve the morale and increase productivity and prevent them from getting sick."

And, "There's a direct impact on the bottom line. It's already happening. As you get more data back, there's more information on the effectiveness of [wellness programs]," McCall added.