Feature Article - April 2011
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Puddle-Loving Fun

New Developments in Sprayground Design

By Deborah L. Vence

Spray funnels, rain showers, dumping buckets, inward sprays, ground sprays. You name it. Spraygrounds have it.

You might say that spraygrounds have catapulted parks and recreation into a new dimension, enabling parents to enjoy a sunny day out with the kids without having to immerse themselves in a swimming pool—especially if kids are very young and just learning to swim. The vast assortment of styles, shapes and colors in spraygrounds offers children the chance to explore their imaginations, while making it a little less stressful for parents by not having to worry constantly about their children having a mishap in the pool.

The fact is that spraygrounds are continuing to grow in popularity and value for a number of reasons, offering communities a more cost-effective alternative to large aquatic centers, or as a welcome addition to an existing waterpark.

"Spraygrounds foster community pride. They represent a place for families to gather and to get to know each other again. They encourage people to move to the neighborhood with more family amenities and encourage a staycation concept," said Lisa D'Entremont, international sales coordinator for a Pointe-Claire, Quebec, Canada-based company that specializes in aquatic play and urban landscape solutions. "They build a safe environment for children to play. They are known to be an attraction to parks and cities. They are aesthetically pleasing, [and are] also less expensive than a pool."

Thus, the popularity of spraygrounds continue to spur new designs, better water treatment systems and enhanced safety measures, all while providing a host of benefits to the communities that install these water playgrounds.