Supplement Feature - April 2011
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Mix and Match

When Outfitting Your Park, Context Matters

By Emily Tipping

Skate On

Like sports fields, skateparks are an ideal location to provide a concession and restroom, as well as spectator seating and lighting for nighttime use.

It's important to remember, when furnishing your skatepark, that any seating, trash receptacles or other amenities placed there will need to withstand the abuse typical of these spots. Skateboarders enjoy the new plaza-style skateparks, which are almost like streetscapes. In these types of parks, benches that can stand up to skateboards are a necessity.

Many skateparks also include fencing. This is not meant to make skateboarders feel imprisoned, but rather, to protect spectators and passersby from the occasional flying object.

Green Up

By their very nature as open green spaces, often placed in the midst of urban concrete jungles, parks help the environment, but you can make it your mission to make your park as green as possible.

One essential piece of that mission is installing receptacles for recyclables alongside your trash receptacles. Encourage patrons to recycle, and be sure to include signage to let them know what goes where.

In addition, park furnishings themselves are getting greener. You can find dog waste dispensers that provide eco-friendly, biodegradable bags; planks for benches and picnic tables made from recycled plastic and more.

Talk to your site furnishing manufacturers about various ways they can help ensure your green space is just a little greener.