Feature Article - June 2011
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Health, Fitness & Sports Clubs

A Look at Trends in Health, Fitness & Sports Clubs

By Emily Tipping

Construction & Facility Plans

More than half (56.2 percent) of health club respondents reported that they have construction plans over the next three years. Most of these respondents (38.3 percent) are planning to renovate their existing facilities. Another 15.1 percent have plans to add to their facilities, and 12.3 percent are planning to build new facilities. (See Figure 52.)

The most common amenities currently included in health club respondents' facilities include: fitness centers, exercise studio rooms, locker rooms, indoor sports courts (i.e., basketball, volleyball, etc.), indoor aquatic facilities, concessions, classrooms and meeting rooms, indoor running tracks, outdoor sports courts, and outdoor aquatic facilities.

More than a third (34.2 percent) of health club respondents said they have plans to add more amenities to their facilities over the next three years. The most commonly planned additions include:

  1. Locker rooms
  2. Splash play areas
  3. Climbing walls
  4. Exercise studio rooms
  5. Bleachers and seating
  6. Concessions
  7. Indoor track
  8. Challenge course
  9. Playgrounds
  10. Fitness centers

Programming at fitness, health and sports clubs falls along expected lines, with exercise- and wellness-focused programs predominating. The top 10 current programs found among health club respondents' facilities include:

  1. Fitness (offered by 93.2 percent of health club respondents)
  2. Mind-body/balance programs such as yoga, tai chi, etc. (79.5 percent)
  3. Personal training (79.5 percent)
  4. Programming for active older adults (64.4 percent)
  5. Nutrition/diet counseling (63 percent)
  6. Aquatic exercise programs (50.7 percent)
  7. Holiday events and other special events (47.9 percent)
  8. Swimming (42.5 percent)
  9. Sport training, such as golf lessons (39.7 percent)
  10. Individual sports activities (35.6 percent)