Feature Article - July 2011
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Money & Happiness

Our Fourth Annual Salary Survey

By Emily Tipping

Average salaries varied a great deal according to different variables, including job title. The highest salaries were reported by respondents whose job title was chairman, CEO, president, vice president or owner. The average salary for these respondents was $91,400. Respondents in services jobs such as architect, planner or designer had the second highest average salary at $76,600. And respondents who had director positions were third with $72,800. The lowest average salaries were reported by respondents working in program and activity administration ($45,200) and operations or facility management ($52,200). (See Figure 7.)

As you might expect, average salaries also vary according to the level of education reported by respondents, with those who have a high school diploma earning the lowest average salary, and those with an advanced degree earning the highest average salary. (See Figure 8.)