Problem Solver - August 2011
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Maintain Your Waterpark Equipment

People love to visit waterparks and aquatic centers with slides, water playgrounds, wave pools and more to have a splashing good time. And as family budgets have grown smaller, many have been enjoying their water fun closer to home.

This can put a lot more strain on your waterpark. If you don't take the time or plan for proper maintenance, your facilities can lose their luster—and patrons—over time. Proper maintenance can ensure waterslides and other play elements keep their like-new look, so you can continue to delight and entertain visitors for years to come.

Q: What kinds of damage can occur to waterslides and other water play elements if we don't keep up with proper maintenance?

A: Over time, many factors can damage your waterslides and other waterpark equipment. These can include environmental factors like UV radiation and humidity, or there also may be signs that other practices at your facility need addressing, such as improper chemical balance of the pool, chloramines and inadequate ventilation. All of these can damage your equipment, in addition to creating health risks.

Most simply, not engaging in regular maintenance over time can decrease the lifespan of your equipment, and can compromise the safety of your guests.

Q: Our equipment is starting to show some wear and tear. Shouldn't we just purchase new equipment to replace it?

A: In these budget-challenged times, replacing existing equipment might be more than your facility can handle. What's more, when you repair and bring your existing equipment back up to par, it frees funds to do things that will really make your waterpark stand out, such as adding new equipment elsewhere, or investing in other improvements.

You also can't let problems with your existing equipment slide. Addressing small problems now will increase your curb appeal, create a safer environment for your guests, and prevent bigger problems from developing down the line.

Q: We know we need to perform regular maintenance on our waterslides and other play elements, but staff is limited, and we're not sure what to address first. What should we consider?

A: You can spend the staff resources trying to bring things up to snuff yourself, or you can simplify the process by hiring an outside service provider to provide maintenance for your waterpark. The benefits of this approach are myriad. A professional team will be able to pinpoint the exact maintenance needs of your park, and because they are performing these tasks at parks across the country, they have more experience than your staff, who also have other duties.

A service provider will be able to perform standard maintenance such as interior slide surface waxing and buffing, cleaning the exterior of the slide, repair of minor scratches and chips, or blemishes on slide parts, and caulking slide joints. They also will perform a visual inspection of your slide and slide tower, and will notify you if there are any concerns or potential problems.

Other services might include recoating of worn, damaged or faded surfaces; replacement or repair of damaged components; replacement of damaged or worn decking and steel components; and custom-designed slide canopies. They can even evaluate your existing waterpark elements and perform a cost analysis for you.

And if you want to be able to have your team perform minor maintenance themselves, you can ask your service provider if they provide training. With their vast experience in maintaining waterslides and water play equipment across the country, they can show you what works, and what doesn't.


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