Editor's Desk - November 2011
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Gratitude and Turkey

It's hard to believe that another year is almost gone. It's Halloween as I write this, and by the time it reaches your desk, we'll be just shy of Thanksgiving.

Autumn is my favorite time of year, and Thanksgiving has long been my favorite holiday.

Maybe it's because you don't have to endure a month or more of it before it happens. At worst, you have a couple of days preparing for company. At best, you just wander over to your in-laws' house with your famous Cranberry-Apple Relish and a waistline-friendly dessert in tow.

Maybe it's the family time. Maybe it's the football time. (Maybe it's the nap time.)

Maybe it's the delicious food, whether it's turkey from the smoker, pumpkin pie from scratch, warm apple cider or whatever this year's favorite happens to be.

Maybe it's because this is when that maple in the back yard finally decides to show its full colors (long after all the other trees have revealed their hidden architecture), and I secretly—and somewhat sinisterly—enjoy listening to my husband complain (again) that it's snowed before we had a chance to rake up all the leaves.

Maybe it's because the garden has been put to bed, and guilt for yard work not completed has long since dissipated.

Maybe it's the brisk air and the snow.

Maybe it's because having an annual reminder to count blessings is a blessing in and of itself.

Whatever it is, Thanksgiving continues to top my favorite-holidays list.

And while we're feeling grateful and thankful for the people and pastimes, the health and happiness in our lives, I'd like to take a moment to tell you how grateful I am that you're here.

Thank you for continuing to make Recreation Management the standout magazine it is. Whether you're a vocal reader letting us know what you like (and don't) or you're a wallflower who just peruses the articles every month, we're very glad that you keep coming back for more.

We hope not to disappoint this month. Throw some more wood on the fire and spend some time with these pages, and you'll find:

  • A feature story taking a deeper look in the design, equipment and programming trends at fitness clubs, on page 14.
  • A story covering the latest trends in play ground design, with case studies to help illustrate how these trends take shape in real life.
  • A feature reviewing tried-and-true green practices, which we hope gives you some brilliant ideas to implement at your own facilities and sites.
  • The final installment for 2011 of our Maintenance Series, which covers the best ways to prevent—and deal with—graffiti and vandalism, on page 40.
  • We've also got columns on aquatics and building structures, plus a case study that illustrates how getting kids fit doesn't necessarily mean you have to create a whole new workout space.

Happy reading, and Happy Thanksgiving!


Emily Tipping
Editorial Director,
Recreation Management



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