Feature Article - March 2012
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Safe and Secure

Balancing Safety and Fun on the Playground

By Deborah L. Vence

In addition to surface tests, Spencer pointed out that playground owners should always conduct regular maintenance and safety inspections to guarantee the condition of their equipment as well.

"If there is not a Certified Playground Safety Inspector on their staff, they can contact their local playground sales representative who can help in this regard," she said. "Many playground manufacturers send out maintenance and supervision guidebooks with their equipment to help owners establish a routine.

"A very important factor in the overall safety of a play space is surfacing maintenance. It is of the utmost importance to ensure that the surfacing under the playground is installed and maintained to attenuate the specified fall height for the equipment," she said.

"If the equipment is found to be out of compliance, there are many alternatives for replacement, including adding linear trail play opportunities, phased playground design, removal and replacement of the components found to be non-compliant, etc." she added. "A good playground designer or sales person can help provide alternatives for any budget."