Feature Article - July 2012
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In the Money

Our Fifth Annual Salary Survey

By Emily Tipping

On the Job

When it comes to their jobs, most respondents are putting in a good number of hours. In fact, the percentage of respondents working 50 or more hours a week rose in 2012, from 30.5 percent in 2011 to 33.2 percent. Nearly two-thirds (62.6 percent) reported that they work at least 45 hours per week. Very few respondents work less than 40 hours, with just 4.9 percent working 30 to 39 hours weekly, and only 2.6 percent reporting that they put in less than 30 hours a week. (See Figure 11.)

Respondents from schools and school districts, as well as YMCAs put in the longest weeks, averaging 51.4 hours weekly and 50 hours weekly, respectively. Respondents from parks and community centers had the shortest work weeks, though parks respondents put in 45.5 hours a week on average, and community center respondents work an average 45.8-hour week. (See Figure 12.)

For the most part, respondents feel that their salaries are too low, given their current level of responsibility. Respondents from colleges and from schools were the least likely to report that they feel their current salary is appropriate, with just 39.5 percent of school respondents and 38.9 percent of college respondents indicating they felt this was so. Respondents from community centers and camps were most likely to feel their salaries were appropriate, though just 54 percent of community respondents and 53.6 percent of camp respondents indicated they believed this was true.