Problem Solver - August 2012
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Attract More Patrons to Your Dog Park

Dog parks are growing rapidly in popularity. People love to spend time outside with their pets, and off-leash areas provide a place for pets and their owners to socialize and play. But for all the people who head to the dog park for a little fun, there are some who stay home, worried about dealing with a filthy pet. The good news is, by offering just a bit more, you can provide a unique dog park and allay concerns about bringing the dirt home.

Q: How can we create a dog park that everyone will want to bring their pet to?

A: Dogs don't worry much about rolling in the dirt, and when a group of dogs is at play together, they're sure to get dirty. But it doesn't need to prevent people from coming out to socialize with other dog owners. A self-serve pet-wash station can be placed virtually anywhere and provides a pleasing amenity.

Your dog park will be more popular than ever when people realize they can get their pet cleaned up before heading home.

Q: How does it work?

A: A pet wash station can be operated any time. No staffing is required. The system is usually coin-operated, and maintenance requirements are minimal. Many dog parks have a local group who ensure things are running smoothly and that everyone is following the rules. This group is likely happy to help out with the small amount of maintenance a pet wash station needs.

Patrons typically pay $5 to use a pet wash station for 5 to 7 minutes. Accessories can also be provided, such as a vending station with dog treats and disposable towels.

Installation is simple. The pet wash station arrives fully assembled. All you need is a flat surface with the necessary utility hook-ups. These include a drain (a single stand pipe, such as is used for a clothes washer), electric and water. Note that all water is treated so there is no wet dog odor.


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