Problem Solver - August 2012
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Make Heating & Cooling More Efficient

Efficiency is a big drive among parks, recreation, sports and fitness facilities. You can save money and energy when you add fans to help move the air.

Q: How do large-diameter, low-speed fans work with air conditioning?

A: While the air movement provided by fans doesn't drop the actual temperature in a space, the cooling effect can make people feel up to 10 degrees cooler. When used in conjunction with air conditioning, this effect enables facility managers to increase their air conditioning setpoint without sacrificing comfort. Unlike typical small ceiling fans that struggle to send airflow to the floor, large-diameter, low-speed fans thoroughly mix the air throughout a space, from ceiling to floor and wall to wall.

Q: How can these fans save facilities money in the winter?

A: Hot air is approximately 5 to 7 percent lighter than cool air in a space and tends to rise to the ceiling. This can result in a significant temperature difference from floor to ceiling. Large-diameter, low-speed ceiling fans steadily mix the air to create a uniform temperature. The energy savings achieved from reducing the amount of heat escaping through the roof is similar to turning the thermostat down three to five degrees, which can also translate to a serious reduction in operating costs.

Q: How can fans make people more comfortable in non-conditioned spaces?

A: Big fans are an efficient, effective option to keep people more comfortable in non-conditioned spaces, such as pavilions and athletic sidelines. Large diameter fans aren't limited to spaces with ceilings, with 8-foot vertical, mobile options available. Add an ultra-fine misting package, and a fan of this size provides the same cooling effect as 22 tons of air conditioning. Use efficient large misting fans to set up the ultimate cooling station at your next event.

Q: What other benefits do fans provide to Fitness & Rec. facilities?

A: A single large-diameter, low-speed fan can replace dozens of small floor and pedestal fans, reducing the noise level and clutter, as well as trip hazards. An overhead fan centralizes airflow control, and also shows that you care about people's comfort. It increases the visual appeal of your space, and can be customized with facility colors, logos, lights, surveillance cameras, smoke detectors and other equipment. Used over swimming pools, large-diameter, low-speed fans efficiently and effectively sweep chloramines off the water's surface and out of athletes' breathing zone.


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