Supplement Feature - September 2012
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A Court for Every Need

Improve Playability, Longevity Maintenance & More

By Julie Knudson

YMCA of Greater New Orleans

The YMCA of Greater New Orleans got a financial boost through a grant from the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), and with it they refurbished their facility's old wood basketball court. Glen Coffee, sports and fitness director at the Y, said that first an experienced contractor was brought in to breathe new life into the old floor. "They completely sanded it and cleaned it really well, and then the artist came in and put down the art and the lines."

In addition to the YMCA logo in the middle of the floor, an NCAA logo was included near the gym's perimeter lines. Once the art was dry, polyurethane was applied to protect the floor. "It looks really neat," Coffee said. From start to finish, the project took a couple of weeks. Sanding and buffing occupied several days, with the artistry taking another three or four days. The polyurethane coating required five days or so to cure.

Daily maintenance consists of a good sweeping, plus an occasional swipe with a barely-damp mop. "With a wood floor like that, water shouldn't come in contact with it," Coffee explained. The facility also has strict rules, with policies such as no candy and no eating in the gym area. About once a year, the floor undergoes a light sanding, after which new polyurethane is put down to restore the finish and provide the floor with a measure of protection.

When asked if the floor needs or receives rest periods, Coffee laughed. "Not that I know of." The refurbished floor serves the entire community, and also doubles as a volleyball court, using the two sets of volleyball equipment donated by the NCAA. Coffee said that having a wood floor gives the facility a welcome feature. "The kids love it; the adults love it," Coffee said. "It really makes us unique. It's a great resource for the whole community to take advantage of."