Feature Article - October 2012
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Lighting the Way

Innovations & Applications of LED Scoreboards & Sports Field Lighting

By Kelli Anderson

"The availability of the white LED was a major deciding factor," said George Cornwall, electronic supervisor with the Lee County School District in the city. "It gives it that incandescent look, and the intensity seems brighter contrasted against the dark scoreboard and it pops. All the schools really love it, and I'm using it wherever I can afford it."

And, for some, with or without white LED, it's just about the nostalgia.

"Number one, we wanted to emulate the look of an old scoreboard that used to be in our baseball field, Fricke Field," Gowan said about the role history played in their final design choice. "We wanted an old-school feel, so in addition to the traditional features such as innings, hits, errors and player's numbers, we used an analog-like clock in the shape of a baseball, used a girder system as a backdrop and incorporated the field's name as in the past. We not only met the needs of our players and parents, but also my department, now that everything is LED and low maintenance. Everyone was satisfied."