Feature Article - November 2012
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Fitness Gets Personal

Find Your Niche(s) and Stand Out

By Julie Knudson

These new-fangled tools aren't just for millennials, and folks familiar with the senior market will tell you that the stereotype of the technophobic old guy is quickly crumbling. According to numbers released by Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project, 40 percent of people aged 75 and older use the Internet. Drop the age range to 57-to-65, and that percentage almost doubles. Among the most senior group, 49 percent use the Internet for health information purposes, which could range from renewing prescriptions online to researching healthcare providers to getting advice from online patient groups about managing chronic diseases.

At Nifty after Fifty, technology offers members direction on reaching their fitness goals while also tracking their progress. "Each member has a key that's programmed for them for each machine," Zinberg said. "They insert that, and it tells them how much resistance they're supposed to use, how many sets of reps they're supposed to do, and it records everything." Once the workout is completed, the information can be downloaded and made available to the member, their physician, or even their children if appropriate.