Problem Solver - August 2013
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Increase Revenue at Your Pool

With budgets still feeling the crunch, many facilities are trying to find ways to boost their aquatic facility revenues. You could raise your fees, but that might drive down the number of people visiting your facility, which will only make the problem worse. Instead, what if you could boost the number of people paying to use your aquatic facility?

Even the most limited rectangular pools can add fun and exciting elements at a relatively low cost to increase attendance. You can even find options that won't require you to get involved in expensive and time-consuming renovations. Consider something like modular inflatables when you want to give your pool a boost.

Q: We've seen a couple of newer aquatic parks open in the surrounding area, which is creating a challenge for our older pool. Is there a way we can add some fun to attract more people back to our facility?

class="ps2013a">A:: Newer waterparks might offer a lot of fancy amenities like zero-depth entry, splash play and more, but that doesn't mean people can't have fun at your pool. You don't even need to start all over with renovations to bring them back. You can find simple and cost-effective solutions to do the trick.

Safe, modular sports inflatables are simple to set up, and add a ton of fun—and sometimes even a competitive element—to your water. The excitement you create when you offer something new and different is sure to draw swimmers back to the pool, and they'll bring friends and family along, too.

You can find a complete line of modular, interlocking commercial-grade swimming pool inflatables to enable you to turn your swimming pool into an aquatic arena to house fun and friendly sporting competitions. These modular inflatables are available in a diverse array of configurations, so you can mix and match your elements to create a new experience every week. What's more, new elements are being developed on a regular basis, so you can always add to your existing lineup to pump up the fun even more.

Made of seamed, welded 32-ounce PVC, the inflatables don't even need continuous airflow.

Q: We'd love to include inflatable elements to draw more people to our pool. How can we boost the excitement and keep people coming back for more once they've experienced them?

A: Whether you turn your pool into a thrilling aqua circuit or competition arena, or even your waterfront into a sports park, your guests will have a blast. People of all ages love a little friendly competition—and it's even more fun when the only downside to losing is a dip in the pool. Viewers will have fun, too, watching the competition and cheering on their friends and family.

Find creative ways to combine your modular elements to create a championship course. Your patrons will have a blast jumping, climbing, sliding, crossing a balance beam and more. Obstacle courses, kayak polo, aqua dueling—the possibilities are practically endless.

Be sure to let past patrons and potential new ones know about your new, exciting offerings, too. You can also spread the word by allowing birthday parties to rent your space and use the inflatables during off-hours. Or, host a team competition. Friends will tell friends, and even more people will show up for the fun.


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