Problem Solver - August 2013
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Incorporate Climbing Into Fitness Programs

When it comes to fitness programming, it's easy to get stuck in a rut. Keeping members of your fitness or recreation facility engaged and excited requires an innovative approach. If you have a climbing wall, you can expand your programs to provide a unique approach for members looking to improve their fitness, endurance and strength.

Q: We'd like to shake up out fitness programming. Is there a way we can incorporate our climbing wall into our fitness programs?

A: If you add an auto belay device to your climbing wall, you'll be able to dramatically expand your fitness offerings. Auto belays make it easy for people to learn how to climb, build endurance and improve their climbing skills, without the need for a partner.

Traditionally, top-rope climbing requires two people: As one person climbs, a belayer takes up slack in the rope. An auto belay eliminates the need for a human belay. It features a braking system, and takes up the slack as the climber ascends, then controls the descent when the climber is ready to come down, or if the climber falls.

With an auto belay device in place, more climbers can get in a workout at once, with just one person supervising.

Q: How can we use an auto belay device to incorporate a fitness program centered around climbing?

A: With an auto belay device in place, you can incorporate a fun and goal-oriented climbing program. One manufacturer has created an eight-week training program that uses an auto belay to help climbers get fit and improve their climbing skills.

Whether they're beginners just learning to climb or experienced climbers who want to improve their skill set, a fitness-oriented climbing program utilizing an auto belay device will help climbers of all levels achieve their goals. Climbers will get an intense workout as they climb up and down your routes without having to take turns with a climbing partner.

Q: How else can we use auto belays to boost interest at our facility?

A: With an auto belay device in place, not only can you offer more creative fitness programming, but you also can expand your programming in other ways.

Auto belay systems eliminate barriers to entry for new climbers, which makes it easier to get first-timers involved in the sport. Instead of spending time on belayer training and testing, new climbers can clip in and give it a try.

In addition, single climbers will be able to make use of your climbing wall without having to worry about finding a partner. Experienced climbers also enjoy auto belays, and the more intense workout they'll get when they don't have to take turns climbing with a partner.


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