Problem Solver - August 2013
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Improve Your Events

It's no simple task to plan and pull off event programming, but there are ways to make your events even better. A mobile stage can offer many benefits. Besides being flexible enough to move from one event to another, mobile stages can help you boost your revenue stream and save on labor costs—all while providing a professional-looking venue for your event programming.

Q: How can a mobile stage help us improve events in our community?

A: Mobile stages can be easily set up to serve events at any location within your community. Whether it's a battle of the bands at a downtown festival, a county fair or a concert in the park, your stage can be moved from place to place to meet the needs of each event.

Mobile stages are simple to set up, requiring far less manpower than other options. Most wooden portable stages will take a half-day to assemble, and another half-day to take down. Remote control operation of the canopy and stage, as well as auto-leveling, make it easy for just one or two people to set up and tear down the mobile stage.

Q: How can a mobile stage help us increase revenues?

A: When you're not using your mobile stage to serve your own events and programs, you have the option of allowing other communities or organizations to rent the stage. Get the word out, and you'll find that a number of organizations have a need for a mobile stage, and will be happy with the simple setup and the safety a mobile stage can provide at their own events.

What's more, with its simple setup—just the push of a button—a mobile stage will save your organization on labor costs. Older portable stages might require as many as six people to get set up, and even with all the extra labor, it still takes hours to get such a stage ready and to tear it back down once the event has concluded. A much smaller crew can handle a mobile stage, which can be set up or taken down in just half an hour.


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