Feature Article - September 2013
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Trickle Down Theory

Boosting Waterpark Fun to Grow Revenues, Build Community

By Rick Dandes

New Developments in Conservation

The recently completed Wet'n'Wild waterpark in Las Vegas provides a good example of what can be done to help conserve water, while also providing a fun recreational experience. "Due to things like slides ending in shallow run-outs instead of pools," Colvin said, "water is captured and reused more efficiently. We designed it to have the water stored in storage tanks underground, away from the dry desert air. Another conservation tool is the use of regenerative media filters that discharge a fraction of the water to the sewer that traditional sand filters use during a backwash cycle. Regenerative filters also operate at a lower pressure, which allows for about 20 percent less pumping power, that in turn leads to less energy usage."

Variable frequency drives (VFDs) on pump motors are another energy saver. These devices allow pumps to operate more efficiently, lowering the electricity usage demands. The technology has been around for a long time, but the prices of the devices have been coming down, making them more feasible even on small projects.