Web Exclusive - March 2014
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Nice Ice

CAN/AM Adult Pond Hockey Tournament
Lake Placid, N.Y.

How many people these days remember what it's like to skate on a frozen pond? Before the advent of indoor ice rinks, lacing up a pair of skates and hitting the ice meant heading to the great outdoors. CAN/AM Hockey keeps the fun going with its annual Pond Hockey Tournament, which takes place in Lake Placid, N.Y.

CAN/AM Hockey has been providing a great hockey experience since 1969, when it launched its first summer hockey program. It expanded from youth and adult hockey training into full-service tournaments for adult recreational hockey teams, which it then grew into the youth market. Over the past 20 years, those programs have only expanded, providing players young and older alike with a great experience.

This year, the organization's annual outdoor event got a little boost from Polaris Industries Inc. and its Newport, N.Y., dealer Moody's Polaris. The company donated four BRUTUS HDPTO commercial utility vehicles for the annual event in Lake Placid, which was held Jan. 24 to 26. The donation saved the organization more than $10,000 in rental costs.

What does it take to prepare outdoor ice for skating? For 11 days leading up to, as well as during the tournament, workers used the vehicles to clear off snow-covered ice and maintain 23 outdoor rinks spanning four acres on Mirror Lake. The units also helped to create a skating path around the lake's perimeter for local families and vacationers.

"This was our largest event ever with 77 teams, but we didn't need to add more staff, thanks to the donation of the BRUTUS HDPTO units," said CAN/AM Hockey Director Eric Chapman. "Using the angle broom and snow blade attachments with the vehicles made it easy to groom 23 outdoor rinks in record time. Plus, the heated cabs helped work continue in temperatures as cold as -18 degrees, and even doubled as warming stations for staff throughout the tournament."

CAN/AM also used the vehicles to haul equipment, both in the pallet-sized rear cargo box, which has a 1,250-pound capacity, and behind the vehicle with 2,000-pound towing capacity. By hooking up a trailer to the BRUTUS HDPTO, the organization could efficiently and safely haul tournament gear on the ice, including 46 hockey nets and benches for teams and spectators.

Learn more about the Polaris BRUTUS lineup at www.polaris.com/BRUTUS. And for more information on CAN/AM Hockey or to register for the 2015 CAN/AM Adult Pond Hockey Tournament, visit www.canamhockey.com.