Web Exclusive - April 2014
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Peak Performance

Bay Club Launches Performance Program

Performance training may be a niche specialty in the programming arena, but those who get it right can really make a difference in helping their clients and members achieve their goals. And with more and more people committing themselves to marathons, half-marathons, cycling events, triathlons and more, more fitness facilities are offering this option.

Take BreakAway Performance, which was recently acquired by The Bay Club Company. The consulting company had specialized in performance solutions for athletes of all abilities, with private trainers, nutritionists, massage therapists and sport-specific coaching. With the acquisition, this multi-tiered approach to sport performance will expand its reach to even more aspiring athletes.

BreakAway's performance-based model will combine with the Bay Club's premier locations and country-club-like amenities with the design of a new dedicated Pro Lab and Performance Cycling Studio, now open at the Bay Club San Franscisco.

Outfitted with equipment for V02max, video analysis and a 3-D image-capturing bike fitting station, the studio features a full-service bike shop with an on-site bike technician for custom builds. The studio also features a high-tech Performance Cycling Studio with Computrainer power-based training.

As a result, athletes will get highly specialized cycling, swimming and running diagnostics in a luxury setting.

"Training of this caliber can be difficult to acquire," said Bay Club Vice President and Club Manager Jennifer Beaton. "By building our own Pro Lab and adding BreakAway's expertise and training protocols, we're able to make this type of service much more accessible, affordable and convenient."

At the new facility, BreakAway Director Joel Ramirez will continue to provide coaching for clients starting out in triathlon, or looking to boost their swimming, biking or running performance.

Bay Club plans to open additional locations at Bay Club campuses from Marin County to San Diego.

Learn more at www.breakawaysf.com and www.bayclubs.com.