Problem Solver - August 2014
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Make the Most of Your Climbing Wall

To get the most out of your climbing facility, you need to find ways to attract—and keep—as many climbers as possible. With an auto belay system, you can build your audience of climbers, and give experienced climbers a reason to keep coming back.

Q: How can we attract as many climbers as possible to our climbing wall?

A: Using an auto belay in your facility will reduce the cost of operating your climbing wall while attracting more climbers. For new climbers, auto belay systems eliminate barriers to entry. When participants arrive for their first climb, they can simply clip in and start climbing, without spending extra time on belayer training and testing. Experienced climbers will also appreciate auto belays, as they can confidently train on their own without having to find a partner. They'll be able to come in whenever their schedule permits, whether that's early morning, lunchtime or late at night. They'll get a more intense workout as well, as they won't have to wait while their partner climbs, as is the case with a traditional two-person system.

Q: How can an auto belay enhance our programming?

A: Classes and clinics, parties and more will be much easier to run with an auto belay, as you won't have to bring in additional staff. For example, when running a class, no human belayers are needed, so one teacher can lead the group, and all of the students can be on the wall at the same time. Similarly, during parties, one staff member can help kids get clipped in, while another watches them climb.

Q: We're concerned about safety. How can we encourage climbers to use auto belays correctly?

A: Consider a belay gate. This is a device that reinforces proper use of auto belay devices. While clipped into the system, the gate will block the lowest footholds and handholds of a climbing lane. As the climber transfers the auto belay carabiner from the gate to their harness, the belay gate will lay flat on the floor to open the climbing lane. While the gate is up on the wall, the words "Clip In" are in clear view. And, once the climber is on the wall and the belay gate is flat, the words "Climber Above" warn others that the auto belay is in use. It's a great way to further reinforce proper use of your auto belays.


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