Problem Solver - August 2014
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Provide a Unique Look for Your Site

When you select shelters, pavilions, gazebos and kiosks that provide a unique look, your site can become a destination for members of your community and beyond.

Q: We'd like to add unique shelters and park structures at our site. What should we consider?

A: Before you begin, consider the aesthetics and context of your site as it stands. What sort of environment are you in? What sorts of buildings are nearby? Is it a rustic site or a historic square in a downtown area? You should look for shelter options that are beautiful in and of themselves, but that also fit well into the surrounding area.

You can find a wide variety of premanufactured shelters that will fit right in, whether your site features scenic mountain vistas or a tailored urban community.

Whatever you choose, don't forget to ask your manufacturer about durability. You want the shelter to fit into its surroundings, and you also want it to be able to handle the prevailing climate of the site. Hurricanes, earthquakes, blizzards, sea air—all of these factors can damage structures that aren't made to handle them.

Q: We'd love for the community to consider our main park a destination and gathering place, but budgets are still tight. How can we find the best shelter option while staying within budget?

A: When you go with a prefabricated shelter or structure, you'll be able to meet a tight timeline as well as a tight budget. What's more, you won't have to sacrifice beauty and uniqueness. Many shelter manufacturers offer customization options that will allow you to provide a park like no other.

What's more, once they're installed, you can use your shelters to boost revenues and pay for further improvements at your parks. If you charge a rental fee for picnic shelters or a gazebo, people can reserve the site for their events, whether it's a wedding or a family reunion. Providing small shelters for rent during the busiest times of year is also helpful, ensuring there's no competition for the space.


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