Problem Solver - August 2014
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Create Effective Memorials

Parks and recreation organizations often get requests from families, friends and community organizations to dedicate memorials. These can be beautiful plantings and gardens, dedicated trees, statues, or even site furnishings, such as benches with a dedication. There are many ways to memorialize and recognize someone in your community. Working with site furnishing manufacturers, you can create unique and effective memorials for your parks.

Q: We get a lot of requests to create memorials in our parks. What kinds of options can we offer?

A: Many parks will dedicate a bench as a memorial. Talk to your manufacturer about the possibility of creating benches with plaques to recognize and memorialize people in your community. A memorial bench provides a long-lasting and particularly meaningful way to recognize people, or even associations that have had an impact on your community. You can ask individuals or organizations requesting the memorial to donate the cost of the bench. A custom plaque can be added, so everyone who uses the park bench will see the memorial.

Q: We'd love to be able to create a more unique and personal memorial in our park. What should we know?

A: You can take your memorial one step further and make it a unique dedication. New technology allows manufacturers to create plastic laminated plaques that include a photo of the person being memorialized.

Q: What else should we know?

A: Once you have chosen your method of memorializing a person, you need to find the right spot in your parks. The best locations will be beautiful and scenic. Ideally, you'll place your memorial bench in a spot where patrons can sit and reflect.

Custom signage is not just limited to memorials, either. You can use these plaques to recognize donations and service, special occasions, ownership, achievement, as well as schools and teams.


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