Problem Solver - August 2014
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Simplify Equipment Cleanup

All fitness facilities should provide members with a way to sanitize exercise equipment as soon as they're done working out. No one wants to work out on sweaty, smelly, germ-laden exercise equipment. The chance that members will wipe down equipment immediately after use is significantly improved if you make the tools for clean up conveniently accessible—convenience breeds compliance.

Q: We want to make it as easy as possible for members to sanitize equipment immediately after working out. What should we consider to make clean up both more convenient and economical at the same time?

A: Cost, convenience and effectiveness should be your primary concerns. While disposable wipes containers and spray bottle/paper towel dispenser combinations are common, they are usually placed along perimeter walls or support posts, requiring the exerciser to spend valuable workout time walking between the equipment, the dispenser and the wastebasket. You can make equipment cleaning much more convenient by placing a holder for the sanitizing spray bottle and a reusable towel directly on the equipment. This will put the sanitizing supplies exactly where they need to be—right at hand—prompting members to clean up as soon as they're done using the equipment. This solution will also be less costly and create less waste versus using single-use disposable cleaning supplies, as users can simply use the towel that's supplied, or, if you still want to supply paper towels, they can continually refresh their paper towel with disinfectant solution as they move from machine to machine.

Q: What type of cleaning and sanitizing solution should we use?

A: You should be careful when selecting a cleaning and sanitizing solution to use on your equipment. While most high-quality broad-spectrum disinfectant solutions—dispensed as spray or embedded in disposable wipes—are effective for cleaning and sanitizing, many of them are very harsh and over even a short period of time can be destructive to the plastic, vinyl and rubber surfaces of fitness equipment. You should look for a solution that was formulated to be used on the surfaces of fitness equipment, and be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions for diluting and proper use of the solution.

Q: What else should we know?

A: Look for a manufacturer that specializes in equipment sanitizing supplies and can provide you with a complete cleaning system. With the right partner you'll find spray bottle and towel holders, as well as spray bottles and trigger sprayers, towels, and sanitizing solutions all designed to be used with fitness equipment, keeping fitness facility members in mind, making it simple to start up and then stock up when you need to re-supply.



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