Editor's Desk - September 2014
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Look Out Below

Whether it's a soccer field for peewee players, a gym for college-level basketball or a playground surface for kids of all ages, the surfaces we recreate, compete and get fit on are of critical importance. Selecting the right surfaces for your facility means taking myriad factors under consideration: safety, longevity, durability, stability and much more.

Every facility is unique, and every decision must be made with the context of the facility and the people it serves in mind. Top-notch playing surfaces are available for sports, recreation and fitness activities of all kinds, and choosing the right one can be a tricky process.

In this special supplement to Recreation Management, we'll take a look at some of the factors that go into the decision-making process as you select surfaces for sports fields, courts, fitness floors and playgrounds. In addition, we take a look at trends and innovations in everything from synthetic turf to wood fiber playground surfaces and beyond, and we offer up some maintenance tips to keep your surfaces in tiptop shape.

No matter which type of facility you operate, you need to focus on the surfaces you put beneath your players' and members' feet. So, turn the page and get started learning more about how to make the best decisions to suit your facility's—and your patrons'—needs.


Emily Tipping
Editorial Director,
Recreation Management