Web Exclusive - September 2014
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In the Swim

The Olympic Pool & Fitness Centre in Newmarket, New Zealand

For Central Auckland, New Zealand's only 50-meter pool, safety for the facility's approximately 1,500 daily visitors is crucial. That means water quality is a central concern for facility managers. To keep control over water-borne illnesses and provide a safe and pleasant swimming experience, the facility relies on a regenerative media system to treat pool water.

Originally opened in 1940 by the Newmarket Borough Council, The Olympic Pool & Fitness Centre in Newmarket was New Zealand's first 50-meter swimming pool, and has grown into a popular facility with a great reputation among visitors. Now, it is the first pool in the country to use the Defender system, provided by Neptune Benson, to treat its pool water. The award-winning system is able to remove particles down to 1 micron or less.

To ensure safe water and the best water quality, it's best to remove the smallest particles possible. The Defender regenerative media system is able to remove more than 99 percent of Cryptosporidium in a single pass.

But it doesn't just provide safety. For an installation of this size, this type of system also can provide dramatic water savings. The system eliminates more than 90 percent of backwash water associated with sand filter operation. This striking reduction of backwash waste translates to savings, not only in water, but also in the chemicals needed to treat the water, as well as fuels required to reheat associated make-up water.

The Defender system was chosen for its ability to develop top-notch water quality as well as environmental sustainability. Using the system, there is 90 percent less water and waste, 30 percent less fuel and chemicals used and a 50 percent reduction in electricity. In addition, the system takes up a 75 percent smaller footprint.

The Olympic Pool & Fitness Centre: www.theolympic.co.nz
Neptune Benson: www.neptunebenson.com