Facility Profile - February 2015
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Gymnastics Training

Coordination From Start to Finish
Gymnastics Training Center in Salt Lake City, Utah

With a mission to provide athletes, parents and employees with a positive gymnastics experience using high-quality equipment, the Gymnastics Training Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, recently moved into a new, 25,505-square-foot facility.

Constructed by Varco Pruden Builder Ascent Construction and designed by HKG Architecture of Salt Lake City, the building provides a space for team and recreational gymnastics training and competitions, as well as providing summer camp experiences and gym rentals for birthday parties and more.

The structure features high vertical structural clearance, an open second-level mezzanine, a large viewing and seating area, recessed concrete pits and runways for trampolines and other uses.

The new facility devoted to dance and gymnastics is comprised of Varco Pruden's Rigid Frame system, SSR Standing Seam Roof System in Galvalume, and Vee Rib wall panels. The Rigid Frame is ideal for providing an economical interior space free of columns. The SSR system features a low-slope, clip-mounted standing seam roof with durable, low-maintenance panels that are interlocked and mechanically field-seamed into place. This yields a single membrane, which speeds up construction while keeping the overall construction cost lower. Clear span with partial continuous beam framing was incorporated at the mezzanine.

The new, innovatively-clad gymnastics facility is designed to provide high-quality equipment, a fun and safe environment, and a knowledgeable and positive coaching staff, with the ultimate goal of encouraging each participant to achieve his or her highest potential.

Ascent Construction, based in Centerville, Utah, did face and overcome some unique challenges during the construction of the project.

First, seven lots with varying structures needed to be cleared. This area included existing vacant building structures. It also was necessary to remove asbestos and vermiculite from the job site.

In addition, working next to one of Salt Lake City's busiest streets proved to be extremely difficult, posing a daily safety hazard to both workers and the public. The team coordinated with the Utah Department of Transportation on lane closures and traffic control measures to ensure safety.

Working with multiple entities—including Salt Lake City utilities, Lower Millcreek Irrigation and Salt Lake County—took a great deal of coordination. Ascent worked meticulously to satisfy the needs of each entity.

Design modifications during construction ended up requiring a revamp of the building's HVAC system. Also during construction, the construction trailer, signage and building were vandalized with graffiti. Because of this, Ascent decided to apply an anti-graffiti sealant to the building to allow for easier cleanup should vandalism be a problem in the future.

The construction and design team's close coordination delivered a gym suited for coordinated athletes of all ages and abilities to gather for training, fun and a great gymnastics experience.

Gymnastics Training Center: www.utahgtc.com
Varco Pruden Buildings: www.vp.com
Ascent Construction: www.ascentconstruction.com
HKG Architecture: www.highland-group.com