Web Exclusive - March 2015
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Upgrading Play Safety: A Case Example

When First Baptist Church in Neches, Texas, decided it needed a new playground surface, they went with No Fault Rubber Mulch. Unlike wood mulch, this loose-fill playground surface does not create dust or mildew, and does not attract insects. It is also much safer than surfaces like grass, dirt and asphalt, which do not have the impact-absorbing qualities to be considered safe for playground use.

For the First Baptist Church products, the customer requested Super Sacks, each of which holds one ton of mulch. The team used a front-loader to carry the mulch to the playground area. Comfortable and cushiony to play on, the bags themselves also were comfy, as you can see!

Easily self-installed, the mulch is simply poured onto the playground area. (For more uses for rubber mulch, visit www.nofault.com/blog/5-ways-to-use-no-fault-rubber-mulch.) Then the mulch can be raked into place.

Once installed, it's important to continually revisit the playground safety surface to ensure the mulch is deep enough, as well as to redistribute mulch that may have been kicked out of high-use areas, such as at the ends of slides.

First Baptist Church in Neches, Texas, loves the beautiful blue mulch they recently added, and is happy with the safety it provides.

No Fault: www.nofault.com