Feature Article - April 2015
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Pool Procedures Overview

Expert Tips on Maintaining a Safe, Healthy and Sustaining Swimming Pool

By Rick Dandes

What's the Latest in Equipment?

Swimming pool maintenance is a scientific discipline with many components that help properly circulate, filter, heat and chemically treat the water. More pools are using supplemental disinfectants like UV and ozone systems. Smart managers are converting their pumps to energy-saving variable frequency drives. New and exciting pool equipment comes out almost weekly, from water treatment options to safety equipment.

"There are some exciting trends in air handling equipment that we are seeing in the market these days," Hefter said. "They are said to eliminate chloramines in the air, which is especially difficult to do in indoor pools that do not have the best air circulation. I have also seen so many interesting and new vacuums for swimming pools. They seem to be becoming more efficient in the industry."