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Restrooms Take Center Court
Indian Wells Tennis Garden in Indian Wells, Calif.

Indian Wells Tennis Garden (IWTG) is a state-of-the-art sporting facility that showcases the second largest tennis stadium in the world and a full-service tennis club.

Located in the midst of a sprawling desert oasis in Indian Wells, Calif., the original stadium at IWTG was built in 2000, while the second stadium was completed in 2014 to accommodate the flourishing annual BNP Paribas Open—the fifth largest professional tournament. "Stadium Two" was built in a remarkable 10 months and 10 days in anticipation of the March 2014 BNP Paribas Open event.

Designed with a seating capacity of 8,000 and three five-star dining restaurants, every detail of IWTG's new stadium was intended to enhance guests' experience, comfort and enjoyment. The stadium features 5,000 lower bowl seats, 3,000 upper bowl seats, six broadcast booths, three restaurants and a box office. The restrooms were a critical element to consider during design, due to high traffic, said Steve Simon, COO, IWTG.

"Increasing capacity and improving infrastructure within the restrooms were key design considerations," Simon said. "We also wanted to optimize the rooms' convenience and cleanliness while creating a more upscale look and feel consistent with our venue."

Gary R. Wiggle, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, Keisker & Wiggle Architects Inc., said he and his team set out to design Stadium Two's restrooms with the same level of cachet that surrounds the BNP Paribas Open. "Public bathrooms are unique because people are extremely critical of them and comment on their appearance to others," Wiggle said. "Our goals were to raise the bar for the aesthetics of those rooms, enhance efficiency and cleanliness, and create a beautiful and memorable experience. We wanted these restrooms to stand out and be the talk of the tournament."

Wiggle's team planned 18 restrooms throughout the facility, including eight sets of public restrooms and three private restrooms, in addition to the team offices and locker room areas. Features such as frosted glass, gold marbleized tile, epoxy-flaked non-slip flooring and sleek white lavatories blended together to create a warm, monochromatic and contemporary design palette.

"We chose Verge lavs because they convey a high aesthetic that gives the restrooms a real 'wow' factor," Wiggle said. "Vege's unique elongated design transforms a sink—a standard required fixture—into a highly functional yet striking centerpiece."

Plumbing Mechanical Contractor and President Scott Kincaid of Kincaid Industries Inc., lauded the simplicity of the installation of these lavatories, which minimized time and cost requirements. "I like how its cantilevered design supports ADA design and discourages vandalism while promoting a clean 'Euro' no-plumbing look," he said. "Verge delivers an appealing upper-end commercial style."

Distinguished by minimalist aesthetics and clean lines, the lavatories feature an attractive, molded and seamless basin made from durable Evero Natural Quartz Surface. This molded natural quartz material blends the elegance of quartz with the durability of granite and the luminance of exotic and recycled materials for a beautifully sustainable restroom solution.

Easy to clean and maintain, the surface does not support microbial growth and is stain-, chemical-, scratch- and heat-resistant. With more than a dozen color selections inspired by nature, it is composed of a bio-based resin made of soy and corn, contains up to 70 percent recycled content and is Greenguard-certified as a low-emitting material.

Verge's sleek, elongated basin shape funnels water to the drain and minimizes standing water. The hidden drain and minimalist trap cover keep plumbing completely behind the scenes.

"The restrooms in Stadium Two are among the nicest I've ever seen," said Jody James Watkins, CEO/president, Watkins Landmark Construction. "I was very impressed the first time I saw Verge sinks installed—they immediately caught my attention. Their clean and minimalist design heightens the overall experience in these highly remarkable rooms."

Simon added that the lavatories are extremely popular and have been a well-received feature in the facility's restrooms.

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