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Create a Destination Playground

If you want to create a playground that will inspire children and families with an out-of-the-ordinary experience, it's good to get out of the box, and develop something truly unique. Playground design experts can help turn your dream playground into a reality, bringing themes and imaginative concepts to life with customization options, ultimately turning your playspace into a destination that will draw in children and families from near and far.

Q: We'd love to turn our park into a destination by building a playground that is truly unique. What should we consider?

A: You don't have to rely on a standard playground that's just like everyone else's. Designing a destination playground that stands out from the pack is much easier than you might think. You can find themed play equipment that you can combine to create a beautifully imagined play space. Or, if you'd like to go beyond what's available in the catalog, you can work with playground manufacturers and designers to create a truly unique, fully customized playground.

Whichever route you choose, you'll be able to tailor your playground to match the context of your area, from local history to natural elements of the landscape and environment, or to express whatever you and your community can dream up.

Q: We have a tight budget, but still want to create a unique playground. What should we consider?

A: Start out with a standard playground solution and add themed elements to create something that's not quite like anything else. When you design a playground that goes beyond what's expected, with elements outside of the standard post-and-deck structure, you'll catch everyone's imagination.

Varying the elements included in your play space will create an inspiring play experience that kids will visit again and again.

Q: We are interested in working with a playground manufacturer to customize a play space that's not like anything we've seen before. Is this possible?

A: Absolutely! Talk with your playground manufacturer about their customization capabilities. Many manufacturers have design experts on staff who can help turn your playground dreams into a reality. From castles and royalty to the Wild West, from nature-inspired treehouses to space-age rocket ships, the possibilities are endless.

Q: We're ready to get started! How do we begin?

A: Start with your dream. Get the community involved, or simply use your local history and landscape to inspire new ideas. Once you've got an idea in mind, talk with your playground design team. These experts are experienced at turning playground dreams into playground realities.

The design team will work to translate your brilliant ideas into a real-world solution. By combining standard play equipment with customized elements, themed items and creative color schemes, the design team will bring your dream to life.

Once the final drawings are finished, you can review the project, as well as its cost and timeline. Once approved, the playground manufacturer will get started on creating your playground. What's more, because they are well versed in the common requirements of playground safety, they'll create a safe, imaginative play space that will turn your park into a destination for years to come.


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