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Boost Pool Revenues by Boosting Attendance

If you want your swimming pool to succeed, you need to attract a wide range of swimmers—and the revenue they'll bring. Unfortunately, many simpler, rectangular pools have a hard time competing with modern facilities that feature waterpark-like amenities such as slides, surf machines and more. The good news is that you can find ways to boost attendance—and revenues—at your pool by expanding activities. Even better, you can do it without breaking the bank to build a brand-new facility. Adding modular inflatables will bring in a range of patrons, from birthday parties to families, teens and more, helping you boost attendance and build your revenues.

Q: We have an older swimming pool, and it's getting harder to compete with some of the newer aquatic facilities in the area. What can we do to add some fun and excitement, and attract people back to our pool?

A: Just because your facility doesn't feature all the amenities of a waterpark, this doesn't mean your days of high attendance are over. You might not have the budget to renovate or add big new attractions, but you can still find ways to attract more patrons. Simple, cost-effective solutions are a great idea for transforming your pool into a splashing good time.

You can find safe, modular inflatables that are easy to set up and can make your pool more fun for swimmers. By adding different attractions at a low cost, you'll create new excitement and attract swimmers back to your facility.

Q: How can modular inflatables increase attendance and revenues at our pool?

A: A complete line of modular, interlocking commercial-grade inflatables can help transform your boring old pool into an aquatic arena where you can host exciting sporting competitions. Available in a wide variety of configurations, you can mix and match the elements to create a huge range of experiences for your guests.

Most people enjoy a bit of competition, and when the only downside to losing is a splash into the pool, everyone's sure to have a good time. Guests will love to jump, climb, slide, kayak and more.

What's more, new elements are released on a regular basis, so the fun doesn't have to remain static. You can expand your existing lineup whenever you'd like to boost the fun.

Made of seamed, welded 32-ounce PVC, the inflatables do not require continuous air flow, which also makes them easy to manage.

Q: What are some ideas to help increase our revenues using inflatables?

A: Once you have your modular inflatables set up in your pool, you'll need to spread the word. Social media is a great way to advertise your new, fun offering. You also should consider hosting parties. Party rentals, where groups can use the pool and inflatables during off-hours, are a great way to build your revenues, while inviting people to discover what's new about your facility.


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