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Create Standout Competitive Aquatics

If your aquatic facility is used for competitive events, it's important to stay up-to-date with the most recent offerings. You need specific equipment to be properly outfitted for competition—everything from diving platforms and racing lanes to swimming-specific scoreboards and more. The best way to attract clubs and swimmers to your pool for competitions and meets is to be sure your pool offers top-quality, modern equipment designed to ensure fast finishes.

Q: We would like to upgrade our starting platforms to attract more swim clubs to our facility for competitions and meets. Is there a way to adapt our existing platforms with the latest technology to enhance swimmer performance?

A: Facilities with certain styles of platforms now have the option of adding a new starting platform upgrade that offers an adjustable side-to-side backplate. This backplate provides infinite positioning and comfort for swimmers on the full width of the platform. The new, modular concept enhances swimmer performance, allowing for unimpeded rear access. It also can be easily removed for storage.

When set to any position, the adjustable backplate meets the FINA required minimum of 0.5 meter by 0.5 meter of starting platform top area.

Q: In addition to ensuring our platforms are fully up-to-date and encourage comfort and ease for swimmers, we want to upgrade the look of our platforms. What should we consider?

A: Not only is the adjustable backplate easily adapted to some existing platforms, but the platform tops can also be upgraded with customized colors, as well as school logos.

A sand top refinishing program allows tops to be made to look new again. Older tops can be machined into the current groove pattern prior to application of the sand finish.

Adding color and logos are both great ways to upgrade existing starting platforms. You can add color to the top, step or backplate.

No matter what colors your facility uses, you'll be able to find a perfect match. Virtually any color can be matched using the Pantone Matching System. Color is then mixed into and applied with a unique sand finish.

Q: We've upgraded our facility's amenities, and new clubs and swimmers are using our pool for meets and competitions. But we still provide non-competitive events at our pool, and we're concerned about wear and tear of our starting platforms, as well as the safety of our swimmers. What can we do?

A: Look for safety covers to put over your starting platforms to keep them and swimmers safe during non-competitive evets. You can find safety covers constructed from tough lightweight plastic to prevent unauthorized use. Installation of these covers is easy and they stack easily for storage, so you'll be able to quickly transform your facility for competitive use and back again.


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