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Provide Effective Seating for Events

When you need to set up bleachers at a variety of locations and events in your community, transportable bleachers are a smart option. Movable bleachers are a great way to provide everyone with a comfortable seat, even at locations that already feature permanent seating solutions. In addition, your investment in transportable bleachers can pay for itself as you build revenues through increased attendance, or even through rental of your bleacher units.

Q: We have permanent seating at our main location, but our community has grown and many events exceed our seating capacity. How can we provide seating quickly and easily?

A: Portable bleacher units are a great choice if you want to provide additional seating at your venue. Even better, you can find towable units that can be easily moved from one location to another, providing comfortable seating for any event you host.

Using portable bleachers alongside your permanent seating to expand your capacity helps you create more places for fans and spectators to sit, saving you from investing in replacing or expanding your existing seating.

Q: In addition to outdoor events like sports and parades, we also sometimes host events at our indoor arena. Can we find a seating solution that can help us expand seating indoors?

A: Smaller, highway-towable folding bleachers might be a good option for your community. These smaller bleachers can fit through many overhead entrance doors, and are easily moved from one place to the next using a pickup or SUV. Smaller units can seat as many as 108 people, making them a perfect fit for indoor events.

If your facility features taller overhead doors, you might even be able to find larger bleacher units that will fit your facility, seating as many as 300 people.

Talk to your manufacturer about your community's needs, and make sure to detail event locations and seating capacity, as well as accessibility requirements. They'll be able to help you find just the right solution to fit your needs.

Q: Are there ways we can use our portable bleachers to build revenues and help pay for the units?

A: Be sure to talk with other organizations that host events in your community, like schools and clubs. You might be able to partner with these organizations and purchase the bleachers together and then share them for your various events.

Another option to help pay for your bleachers is to rent the units to other organizations when they're not needed for your events. This will bring in revenues that will continue to boost your bottom line long after your bleachers have been paid for.

One other consideration is advertising. Local businesses are often happy to place banner advertising on guardrails during events. This gives them a highly visible way to reach potential customers while helping you meet your revenue needs.

Q: We're worried about having enough staff on hand to set up our bleachers when it's time for an event. How can we handle staffing needs?

A: Simple setup is one of the best features of towable, folding bleachers. All it takes to set the units up is placing the unit where you want it, running the leveling jacks down and pushing a button. One person can have your bleachers ready for an event in less than 10 minutes.

And when your event is over, storage is simple. Bleachers made of weather-resistant aluminum and hot dip galvanized steel can be parked outside until they're needed again.


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