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Find Animal-Proof Receptacles

Whether you're operating a city park, a rustic trail or a remote campground, it's important to provide trash and recycling receptacles to help visitors keep things clean. But in many of these places, critters large and small can cause big trouble. Luckily, you can find receptacles that will keep animals out, while keeping garbage in its proper place.

Q: We have a lot of problems with smaller varmints like raccoons and skunks in our local parks. We want to provide a way for visitors to clean up after themselves, without providing a free meal to these troublesome animals. What should we consider?

A: Lots of places can have troubles with animals getting into receptacles. Look for trash can covers that defy varmints! These can keep all kinds of small animals and pests out of your trash via a heavyweight hinged cover that holds your steel can down and in place. A retainer ring keeps animals from knocking the can out at the bottom.

How does it work? Visitors simply pull the front door open, and its tail will close the throat of the lid. This prevents animals from pulling open the door and reaching down into the can. When the door closes, the trash drops into the can. The weighted and balanced door will close on its own, further preventing problems.

When it's time to remove the trash, simply pull the top backwards and it will latch in the open position. You can then lift up the trash can from the retainer ring, empty the trash and replace it.

Q: At our remote campground, bears can be a real nuisance. What should we do?

A: Bears and trash can make a big mess. You need something stronger to prevent bears from getting into the garbage. Look for bear-resistant trash and recycling receptacles that are designed and tested to keep bears out. Look for certification from the Living With Wildlife Foundation and the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center to be sure products have been tested and proven to keep bears out.


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