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Conserve Energy & Lower Costs

Your pool and pool equipment are major consumers of energy at your facility. Constant innovation and development has made pool equipment capable of streamlining your operations, saving energy and resources, while reducing your operating costs. Simple upgrades can go a long way toward conserving energy and the consequent costs of running your facility.

Q: We want to take steps to improve energy efficiency at our swimming pool in order to reduce operating costs, but we don't have a big budget for renovations. What are some small steps we can take?

A: One of the simplest steps you can take toward reducing energy consumption is replacing your pool lights with new LED lights. Compared to incandescent bulbs, LEDs reduce energy use by up to 80 percent and last up to 20 times longer. Energy savings and reduced maintenance costs from using LEDs will lead to a rapid return on your investment. What's more, LEDs are twice as bright as incandescent bulbs, providing a more appealing look for your facility.

Pool covers are another option to help reduce your costs. Pool covers will reduce the cost of heating your pool and also decrease water loss through evaporation. Reducing your water needs helps reduce your energy consumption, making a pool cover a great way to conserve energy and water, all of which will cut your operating expenses.

Q: What else should we know?

A: Variable frequency drives (VFD) are an excellent tool for reducing your energy consumption and can generate a rapid return on your investment. Energy control automation is another option to consider as controllers can help monitor your system by programming variable frequency drives, pumps, valves and other components, making it easier to control your entire pool system, allowing you to run your facility at maximum efficiency levels.

Furthermore, in many areas, energy rebates and incentives are available through local energy utilities and other organizations to help shorten the payback of your investment in these energy saving products.

Contact your pool equipment supplier to find out which options—from pool covers and LEDs to variable frequency drives, pool automation and more—will work best for your facility.


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