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Find Shade to Suit Your Site

The most effective parks stand out as unique places where the community will gather and play. Shelters, pavilions, gazebos, kiosks and shade structures can provide a unique look, turning your park into a destination for individuals, families, groups and more.

Q: We want to add some unique shade and shelter options to our site. What should we look for?

A: First of all, you need to consider your park's current aesthetics and the context of the surrounding area. What's nearby? The choices you make will vary depending on whether yours is a rustic site located in the middle of a wooded area or a formal park in the midst of a downtown business district. Look for shelter options that are attractive, but that also fit into the surrounding area.

There is a wide variety of premanufactured shelters that can easily fit into your context, whether it's the high desert or a beautiful beachfront. Look for colors and features that fit in well with the surrounding area.

Be sure to ask about the durability of the shelters you're considering. The prevailing climate of your site might have an impact on your selection. The salt air near the ocean or the heavy snows of the Northwoods will have an impact on the materials you select.

Q: We are hoping to turn our park into a unique destination for our community and beyond. Can we find shelters that will stand out as a focal point?

A: Prefabricated shelters and shade structures are available in a huge range of styles and sizes. What's more, you can not only find unique options already available in many manufacturers' catalogs, but you also may find that your manufacturer will provide customization options that will create a truly individualized shelter for your site.

In addition to providing a variety of materials and shapes, you can add electricity and even solar power to your shelters. This is great when you want to host night time events or for patrons who need a place to plug in.


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